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Welcome to the official website for the upcoming occult themed revenge horror movie Beware! The Devil’s Wrath. Sign up to our mailing list to get updates on production, special behind the scenes looks, updates, and chances to get movie momentos from set

Magic in the Making

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"Mysterious events, unexpected twists, and a chilling atmosphere keep the audience engaged as they unravel a web of secrets, deception, and violence. The story explores complex character relationships, culminating in a deadly confrontation that leaves an indelible mark, ending with an unsettling question about the cult's influence.”
- ScriptMatix, September 2023

by the Jersey City Horror Film Festival, August 2023

"BEWARE! THE DEVIL'S WRATH delivers an exhilarating script that plunges the audience into a chilling and pulse-pounding horror narrative.”
- The Black List, August 2023


Written & Directed By
Craig Meinhart

When a beautiful woman (Samantha) and her mysterious husband with a shadowy past (Richard) move into the tight-knit community of Blackwood Falls, a terrible sex crime unleashes a wave of occult-themed murders that overwhelms the town.

Beware! The Devil’s Wrath


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